Achieve Your Business Goals Through Counseling Sessions

As a counselor at 9 Paths to Success in Scottsdale, AZ, I can help you and your team anticipate, avoid, or resolve conflicts. During each counseling session, I will assess your personality types through the 9 Paths to Success diagram. Below is a list of the other areas I can help you understand:

  • The Unique Strengths of Each Team Member
  • The Unique Opportunities for Professional Growth and                          Improvement on the Job
  • Opportunities for the Employer or Leader to Lead the Team in a          Different and More Effective Manner
  • How You Empower or Disempower Your Team
  • The General Approaches to Get the Job Done 
  • How Working Relationships Develop and How to Direct Them
  • Courting Business More Efficiently
  • Informing Others of How They Can Best Work With You
  • Identifying and Enhancing Communication Styles 
  • Clarifying Unused or Underused Talents and Gifts

  • Deliberately Promoting Both Collaboration and                              Competition When Appropriate 
  • Utility in Sales or Service Oriented Organizations or Those          Who Deliver Both
  • Utility for Business and/or Clinical Impact (for Companies            That Want to Bring Together Both Workgroups Using a                Common Language)
  • Contributions Made by Type
  • Blind Spots of the Individuals and the Group
  • Interpersonal Dynamics of Your Group
  • Acknowledgment, Tolerance, Acceptance, and Promotion            of Different Viewpoints
  • Promotion of Interdependence of Team Members

Licenses and Certifications

  • Trainer the Trainer Business Certification, 2015
  • Board of Director: Arizona Enneagram Association, 2010-2015
  • Board of Directors, National Council for Problem Gambling,              2011-2014
  • Member: National Council on Problem Gambling, since 2000
  • Internationally Certified Enneagram Instructor, 2009
  • TFT Certification, 2008
  • Certified International Biofeedback Technician, 2003
  • ADD/HD Research 2003
  • Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Certification, 2014
  • National Certification for Compulsive Gambling, 2000 NCGC-II        #483 
  • Board Approved Clinical Consultant: National Council for                  Problem Gambling
  • Arizona Council for Compulsive Gambling, 1996

  • Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor LISAC                  #0966
  • Limited Licensed Psychologist in Michigan, 1982
  • Certified Lifestyle Educator, 2005
  • Certified Maricopa Community College Instructor, 1996
  • Past Board of Director: Seeds of Peace
  • RESPECT Week, Lead Speaker, Desert Mountain High School,          2000
  • “What’s Wellness Got to do with it?” 12 Dimensions of                         Comprehensive Wellness
  • Co-Author of “Families Recovering Together Against All Odds”
  • Thesis Published by NIAAA, 1980
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, 1994
  • Member NAADAC Since 1996
  • Member American Counseling Association
  • Member Arizona and International Enneagram Association


“Lost and Found”: E-Book on Amazon for Family Recovery

The Enneagram Series “9 Paths to Recovery:” 10-Hour Filmed Interviews of Persons Affected by Addictive Disorders Using the Enneagram in Recovery

“Interviewing and Documentation” Rio Salado Community College, 1994

Publisher of AZ Counseling Journal Several Issues on Addictions Topics

Co-Author of "Families Recovering Against All Odds": A Manual for Families of Problem Gamblers

Speaker and Trainer For:

  • Supervision of Counselors
  • The 9 Paths to Recovery

  • Addictions
  • Incorporating Wellness Into Your Practice

  • Complementary and Alternative            Techniques in Counseling