UR Pure Potential and The Institute for Integrative Coach Training presents:

The 9 Paths to 
Personality Development and Beyond

Date:          Saturday, January 19, 2019
Time:          8:30 am – 4:30 p.m.  Lunch on your own 
Location:    New Vision Center for Spiritual Living
                    18010 N. Tatum 
                    Phoenix, AZ 85032

                   To Register: online https://www.integrativecoachtraining.com/cce-enneagram.html

                   or email Renee Siegel: [email protected]

Cost: $105.00 per person                          7 CEs available

First Come, First Serve until filled.

Course Description

The word enneagram comes from a Greek word, “ennea” (nine) and “gram” (diagram or map). The enneagram is a map of nine types. This map identifies nine life-force energies, each distinct. Each of these nine life-force energies has unique thinking, feeling and behavior characteristics as well as spiritual aspects. Although each is unique, all individuals have some traits of each of these types. The enneagram map provides a truly integrative approach to understanding the human experience. It is integrative (body, mind and spirit) because each of these nine life-force energies is characterized by a somatic style, cognitive-emotional habits and a comfortable path to connect spiritually.


In this workshop, we will examine human development through the centers of knowing or intelligence (body, heart and head) and how the enneagram types come forward in human development. Some may refer to the enneagram as a personality system or tool. Although it can be used for that understanding, exploring type through this teaching method of the enneagram allows for a greater understanding of why people do what they do and how the ego can work along with our passion and purpose in life.

Presenter:  Renee Siegel,  MA, LISAC, MAC, ICGC-II, BACC, LMT, HHP

Co-Instructor: Laurel Elders, PCC

Renee Siegel has been counseling and coaching individuals and groups for over 35 years. She holds various licenses and certifications in behavioral and physical health modalities. She is passionate about educating individuals and groups on the use of the enneagram. “It’s been a game changer. The enneagram helps us to identify our patterns of thought, emotion and behavior so that we can make changes to improve our lives. It helps us get out of the box we have put ourselves in.” Renee practices in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Laurel Elders is the Founder and Senior Faculty at the Institute for Integrative Coach Training (IICT).  She teaches the use of the Enneagram as a tool for self-realization, awareness and empowerment.  Laurel uses the Enneagram with all of her coaching clients.